But Why?

Bonjour Intrepid Webbytes,

You have stumbled upon the dingy recesses of PASQ's webbery. There's not a lot here at the moment - but there's more than there was just the other day. You may have expectations of a plethora of witticisms (or at least a whelter of pithicisms), you may even lead yourself into surmising that there should be a heap of interesting links. Why?

Luckily thanks to the tireless scientific research of Dr Hubert Quicksort-Aviary we can bring you an exclusively live link to his seminal work "The Rise of Paisley in the Latter Part of the Twentieth Century".

But wait! There's more! His more recent publication is now available for general consumption. Sit back, relax, and follow the link to "A Study of the Coastal Coathanger".

You may still be interested in coming back some time soon to see if I've installed the automatic dripping sound...

Have fun,


P.S. There has recently been criticism of this site for not mentioning string. As you can see, such an allegation is clearly absurd!

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